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Divja society

DIVJA was founded in 2016 to connect people with nature and themselves. In the beginning, we organized distillation and wild food harvesting workshops. We were present at various festivals (Back to nature, Psytabor), we also collaborated with House with a Garden, Villa Music, Sustainable Park Istria, etc.

In the last few years, weve started organizing educational and personal growth events in the wild. Our permanent workshops are mushrooming, distillation workshops, wild plant picking, survival in nature, sound trips, and so on. Our biggest events, however, are WILD camps. WILD camps are meetings of like-minded people who meet in a desire to discover more about themselves. At the end of February 2020, we organized the third one which was about self-care.

We produce high-quality products from wild plants and we offer them in our workshops, on the website and as business gifts.

Our vision is for Divja to find an unspoiled place, where we would live as a community and build a center for personal growth events. Divja, as you can see it today, is mostly due to the following savages:

Iva Hari

President of Divja, Pharmacy Major

Iva is in love with nature. She likes to spend time discovering herself, picking plants, arranging her garden, and experimenting in the kitchen. Through DIVJA, she wants to bring nature and personal growth closer to a wider group of people. She has a passion for organizing creative and unforgettable events in connection with nature, where her main guideline is “Creating experiences”. This passion is driven by people’s positive responses. She appreciates their gratitude, connection and sincerity, as well as their willingness to share whats going on within them. She promotes bonding between people and open-mindedness. Her wish is to unite with a group of like-minded people and live together in an eco-community, which would create a center for nature related events and workshops for personal growth.


Peter Wechtersbach

Secretary of Divja, BSc in Informatics

Peter and Iva are the founders of the society. He is a businessman, a computer science graduate, with over 10 years of experience in informatics and company management. He spends a lot of his free time in nature with his dog Jay. He loves good music, surfing, hills and more! He also likes to play his drums at our WILD camps.


Urška Bavčar

Designer, architect and potter

Urška is our designer and outside the box architect. She admires nature and uses it to create beautiful products. She is not afraid to try new things and likes to experiment. Lately, her biggest passion has been pottery, which she makes under the Kolektiv2 brand. She also plays with fabric, paper or behind a stove. In her free time she likes to travel, spend time in nature or to attend good concerts.


Martin Vogrič Dežman

Society member, photographer and musician

Martin is a great musician and a professional photographer. He can put anyone in a good mood with his warm and naughty energy and his sense of humor. He also likes to entertain us by drumming, playing the guitar and singing by the campfire. He is credited with the great photos and videos you can find on our site. He works in the Kolenc family theater, but in his free time he loves outdoor sports and he is an avid surfer.


Peter Premužić

Society member, social digital marketing

He is a passionate researcher and an entrepreneur. His main guideline in life is finding, experimenting with and sharing different ways of staying healthy and happy, to give people the strength to grow and create together. He discovered how to improve in every area of ones being from a healthy diet, physical activity to a better relationship with oneself and others. He spends most of his time working on interesting projects, meditating, performing breathing exercises and practicing Yoga, climbing, ecstatic dance, Slackline. He also studies nature and its healing potentials.


Andreja Kranjc

Society member, teacher of laughter yoga, host of women’s circles

Andreja Kranjc is a born optimist, researcher of the invisible, an advocate of natural ways and a lover of life. After graduating in cultural ethnology and anthropology, she chose a travelers lifestyle that gave her a new insight into living outside of her comfort zones. She is a teacher and trainer of laughter yoga with an international certificate which she obtained from the founder of laughter yoga, Dr. Madanu Katarii. She also performs individual sound treatments with Himalayan bowls that balance each cell of the body with the frequency the body needs and she hosts womens circles, where participants explore their bodies, their inner gifts, and their sources of vitality.


Adrijan Bandelj

Society member, BA in management and organizer

Adrijan is a man of ideas and their realization is the challenge he finds most interesting. He loves life in all its forms and dreams of co-creating a community that lives in symbiosis with nature. He likes to unleash his creativity, otherwise he is a graduate economist who is most interested in organizing events.


Would you like to join us?

Do YOU like our society? We are always looking forward to new savages who would like to contribute to the common good, are interested in nature and creating with it.. Join us! Maybe you are already creating something yourself, but we could complement each other in terms of content. Write to or call Iva Hari on the phone: + 386 70 841 231. See you!

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